Hello! My name is Kristina, but you can call me Battles. I am constantly inspired by the creative people that surround me, photography, nature, seemingly mundane situations and breakfast burritos. I have an obsession with my mini australian shepherd, Merlot and prefer new experiences to the tried and true. My appetence for adventure is not easily satiated and I have a passion for capturing the world in a new light, documenting memories, and sharing my enthusiasm for life as I go. I have always had a deep desire to tell people’s stories in any way I can and that is what drives me to create and capture love and light wherever I am.

With that said, my photography career happened in the most natural, organic way. Art in any form has been my outlet for as long as I can remember but I really started to hone in on that aspect of myself in 2013 when I began my bachelor's degree at USF and gradually photography found me. I began as in intern at Life Long and quickly became obsessed with the industry. Photography has captivated me in a way no other art form has and through the wedding industry I’ve found a love that I can endlessly explore. This business not only excites me, it drives me and motives me.

Life Long has formed a very special place in my heart. Not only do I absolutely adore the spectacular team I get to work with on a daily basis, but I’m given the ability to work with the most beautiful couples. I love the bustle and the busyness, and I love being given the opportunity to create for a living. I find myself constantly falling in love with this art and am forever learning more and chasing after it daily. I believe in photos that produce an experience, photos that truly matter, and photos that will last generations.