Hi there! My name is Anna, just like the princess from Frozen. I was born in Virginia, but spent the majority of my life growing up in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. Even as a child, I have alwyas been a free spirit on an endless quest to make little connections with each and every person and stranger that has stumbled into my life. Connecting with people on a personal level is the thing that brings me the most joy, and capturing that connection in a photograph is my passion.

For me, going to school and getting my degree in Studio Art was a no-brainer. Shortly after graduating, I was invited to join the Life Long team, which ended up feeling more like a family. Wedding photography speaks to me because I not only get to connect with the couple that I am photographing, but I also get to capture all of those little sparks between them.

When I am not behind the camera, I enjoy exploring different forms of art and different mediums, including tattooing. I also take pleasure in doing yoga and synchronized swimming, and snuggling my puppy, who's name is Nugget. I absolutely love freezing the magic of romance and love stories, and turning these special moments into objects that can be shared and cherished forever is my vehicle for spreading sunbeams and love all around me.