My name is Gabrielle, pronounced gay-bree-elle. Most everyone I know seems to enjoy having a special nickname for me. Gabby, Gabesy, Gabs, Gaberella to name a few. I’ve come to enjoy the little nicknames, and the one-of-a-kind connections they bring to every relationship!

I grew up in Florida, in the Tampa Bay area. I was always a whimsical type of kid. The kind that would spend hours outside just observing things like flowers, ants and clouds; or soaking up the rays of sunlight floating across my bedroom floor in the afternoon. When I announced I would be majoring in Fine Art and Art History, no one even batted an eye.

Soon after finishing my studies I joined the team at Life Long Studios. It didn't take long before I discovered not only my knack for capturing weddings, but that photography itself was that perfect art medium I was searching for! It is a personal expression, but also a unique and beautiful collaboration with those in front of my camera. With photography, I am able to capture so many wonderful things about others, things that are beyond myself. This is why wedding photography is such a joy for me. The beauty, the romance of seeing two lives coming together. It is such an honor to be a part of those moments, to have the opportunity to capture it and make it look...fabulous...because it is, fabulous!

The wonderful thing about being a teammember at Life Long Studios is that I am able to meet so many couples with such beautiful stories and cultivate these amazing moments with them that last a life time. I am able to do that so much with our team. We each take care of different parts in the daily workings which gives us all more time focus on our clients rather than the boring businessy stuff. After all, my favorite part of doing what I do is that connecting and capturing!

The most rewarding part of it is helping create a wonderful experience for those I'm photographing and seeing their reactions when they see how amazing they look when they're having a great time! That is always my goal as a wedding photographer.

Though photography is my medium of choice. I find joy in taking days off to explore new art exhibitions, new drawing techniques, new podcasts (currently listening to Limetown and Art History Babes) and most of all new memories with those I love.