There is a poem that goes, "But I love your feet only because they walked upon the earth and upon the wind and upon the waters, until they found me," and just like the romantic, Pablo Neruda, who beautifully depicts these elements of love, nature and time in his poem, I too visualize my photography this way.

I was born in Nicaragua and came to Miami at a very young age. Growing up I did not have the material things that most of my peers attained, but I had the greatest example of love I could ask for and I thank my mother for the person I am today. As a young lad i enjoyed the rich Cuban culture of Miami and much of my energetic personality is attributed to that place. If you ever been to a Cuban cafe and strike a conversation up with an old Cuban gentlemen, he still has the life and energy of a person young at heart.

I knew that I wanted to pursue not just photography, but wedding photography by age 20. It has been a decade now that I have been working with couples and I still look forward to every shoot as if it was the first time I picked up a camera. The beautiful thing about being in a team of people who are passionate about capturing the essence of love is that we feed off each others ideas and it makes our visions stronger.