I have booked my wedding with Life Long Studios. Now what?


We can't wait to capture your wedding day! By now you probably have sat down with your photographer, looked at some albums and talked about your time line. As your wedding day approaches we need to make sure we have all the correct infromation on file. Your time-line may have changed from the last time you talked to your photographer so the form below is super helpful for us and you! Please fill it out AT LEAST 1 MONTH BEFORE YOUR WEDDING DATE. 

Required wedding day form

We also need to know who we are working with at your wedding. It helps us know what vendors to contact on your wedding day if we need to communicate with them. It also helps us know who to credit in our photos if they get posted online or published in a magazine. And also helps us know who to send a sample photo to, for instance, if the baker would like an image on their work we can send a picture of your cake to them!

Required vendor form